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Procurement Consultation

What We Offer.

Often, firms invest a lot of time, effort and knowledge to get their suppliers or supply chain to operate in a way that works for their business. Other times they are relatively confident that their suppliers or supply chain is performing well and therefore don’t believe that any change is needed. In most cases, what would be great, is knowledge that their suppliers or supply chain are performing well through a validated quick comparison exercise.


At Procurato, we offer benchmarking to firms who want to see how their suppliers or supply chain perform compared to their peers or the market. We have carried this out for various clients and it helps them get the reassurance they were looking for or highlight the areas that they can focus on improving. We have done this for a number of services and solutions in many industries and it can be anything from a deep dive project to a rapid, light touch, exercise on a more frequent basis.

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Example Work

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