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Procurement Consulting

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What We Offer.

Procurato can support clients with their IT spend whether looking at software costs or managing professional services costs in the context of IT, we can help with:

  • Putting in place IT outsourcing services with the likes of development or service delivery teams whether off-shore, near-shore or client site solution.

  • Help client formalize a scope of services and then take this out to market to help clients run successful tender events and select the right vendor

  • Source hardware and infrastructure services to support the underline company systems  

  • Manage any transformational sourcing activity to help clients work on projects following a company restructure

  • Delivering IT contract streamlining following a merger or divestment

  • Transactional project relating to sourcing of software, renewals and renegotiation of licenses

  • Delivering supplier related cost saving and streamlining program

  • Sourcing payment and data storage solutions for the banking industry

  • Delivering pricing support, underwriting support and claims management systems for the insurance industry

Other related services include:

Procurement Outsourcing

Team Augmentation

Spend Mapping

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