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Case Study 1

A major growing European pet insurance provider saw inflation of 4%+ in their claims. The client’s objectives were to understand the current performance in a pet with a focus on the customer journey, claims handling, and claims focus.

Our business associate was asked to provide a future road map of how the Insurer can increase sales and control cost in pet policies sold and improve the client’s operational efficiency and remove touchpoints in claims.

To help the client differentiate themselves successfully in their domestic market, our business associate used the lessons learnt from other insurance companies to generate a solution that was fit for the purpose of the client’s aspirations.

To achieve this, our business associate:
• Performed baselining of spend and performance
• Identified improvements to the information collected by the claim’s handlers
• Trained call handlers on selling the referral network to customers
• Worked with underwriting on using claims data to better price policies
• Introduced policy changes to support the vet network/control inflation
• Implemented insurer tech solutions such as the use of wearables, video consultation calls and linking vets to the insurance provider
• Investigated high-level feasibility of a vet network

With the help of our business associate identifying the gaps, the client implemented changes to their underwriting and claim process which included capturing the weight of the animal and changes in pricing for specific breeds and ages of dogs. Furthermore, our business associate was able to develop data insights and analysis for the client to make better-informed decisions, such as variation in treatment costs for similar treatments with targeted actions on specific vets and better training of claims handlers to challenge vet bills. We also created dashboards to enable management to take targeted pricing actions sooner.

Finally, our business associate developed a future roadmap for incremental improvements to their pet claims management to ensure that further value was extracted over several years following the completion of the project.

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