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Insurance Consultation

What We Offer.

At Procurato we know the balance between customer, expense and claims cost can be challenging for insure companies in property. We are experts in helping clients navigate the optimum outcome. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Property tenders/RFPs across all key categories of spend buildings, restoration, subsidence, loss adjusting, flooring, jewellery, home emergency, alternative accommodation

  • Benchmarking and detailed data analysis to reduce cycle time and optimise cash vs supply chain

  • Reducing touch points by supply chain mapping and integration

  • Incentivising suppliers to customer deliver outcome-based deliverables

  • Technology integration such as Symbility

  • Outsourcing of property claims

  • Helping to design and tendering for digital property claims

  • Targeted action on reducing escape of water claims (Read our recent article on managing escape of water here)

  • Property claims inflation tracking’

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