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Updated: May 29

Trending Procurement Concerns for 2024 Beyond Rising Costs and Supply Chain Woes


While rising costs and supply chain disruptions continue to dominate procurement headlines, several under-the-radar concerns are looking to be gaining traction in 2024. These hidden sharks in the procurement waters could significantly impact businesses if left unaddressed. Let's dive into the top six:

Trending Procurement Concerns for 2024 Beyond Rising Costs and Supply Chain Woes - image of a shark fin in the sea created with knives


The Permacrisis Great White Procurement Puzzle: This refers to the growing concern about how cascading crises like climate disasters, cyberattacks, and political instability can create complex, interconnected disruptions throughout supply chains. Traditional risk management approaches may not suffice against this multi-faceted threat.


The Hammerhead Underinsured Supply Chain: Billions of dollars in potential premiums go missing, leaving suppliers and communities vulnerable to financial shocks. Innovative micro-insurance solutions and reaching beyond traditional demographics are crucial to build resilience and protect the entire supply chain ecosystem.

The Tiger Shark Reshoring Remix: Globalization isn't disappearing, but concerns about geopolitical instability and supply chain disruptions are driving renewed interest in reshoring or nearshoring production. However, this shift requires new procurement strategies for managing cyber risks, talent gaps, and evolving supplier relationships.


The Black Tip Reef Shark Data Deluge Dilemma: Procurement teams are awash in data from sensors, AI, and connected devices. However, only 30% excel at using this information to optimize sourcing, negotiate effectively, and predict market trends. Mastering data analysis and building a data-driven procurement culture are critical for competitive advantage.


The Leopard Shark Ethical Procurement Enigma: Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and ethical sourcing practices. Concerns about bias in algorithms, data privacy, and environmental sustainability can damage brand reputation and impact purchase decisions. Building trust and demonstrating ethical commitment throughout the supply chain are essential for future success.


The Basking Shark Talent Tsunami: Finding skilled procurement professionals is becoming increasingly challenging, especially those with data analytics, sustainability expertise, and agile mindsets. Investing in upskilling existing teams, promoting diversity and inclusion, and collaborating with universities are crucial to bridge the talent gap and build a future-proof procurement workforce.


These are just a few of the hidden concerns lurking within the procurement landscape. By proactively addressing these challenges, procurement teams can navigate the turbulent waters of 2024, build a more resilient and ethical supply chain, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future for their businesses.

We cover just a few of the hidden concerns lurking within the procurement landscape.


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