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Scope 3 Emissions and Green Parts in Automotive Supply Chain - Roundtable

Updated: Jun 19

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Roundtable event- Scope 3 - Using ‘Green Parts’ in Insurance repair Supply Chains - Thursday October 12th 1pm to 2pm

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Due to additional interest Procurato are holding a second session of our Roundtable - Scope 3 emissions and Using Green Parts in Insurance repair Supply Chains.

See the summary video for the first event below


Could you be capitalising on Insurance Scope 3 reporting benefits by getting your repairers to use ‘Green Parts’?

Scope 3 emissions account for 70% of carbon footprint of many insurers.

Scope 3 requires reporting on emissions for goods, which includes parts to repair vehicles.

The sourcing (purchase and transportation) of new parts for automotive repairs is a major contributor to an Insurer's Scope 3 (indirect) upstream emissions.

But by (re)using reclaimed, or ‘green’, parts you could significantly reduce your impact. (+ Green parts can slash costs by up to 50% compared to new parts!)

This is backed up In a recent article: “Reclaimed parts driving motor insurance profitability” – Insurance Post - which refers to reductions in CO2 by using Green Parts.

Even so, the reality of ‘going green’ isn’t always straightforward.

Procurato commissioned an academic research paper earlier this year - Overcoming obstacles: establishing effective strategies and solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the UK automotive supply chain. – and the final paper is now complete.

As part of the results reveal we are holding a second roundtable - ‘Scope 3 Emissions in the Insurance automotive repair supply chain' on Thursday October 12th between 1pm and 2pm

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