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One of the UK large banks were going through the process of divesting from some of the regions it operated in and with that came the requirement to ensure that the supply chain was reviewed and resized accordingly while maintaining supplier service at the divested entities to fulfil the transitional services agreement.

Our associate stepped into the project to ensure this was delivered while reporting the progress across several regions and programme teams, over the programme this required consultation, management and negotiations of over 150 suppliers who delivered a mixture of software and professional services solutions.

Some of the services provided were critical to the running of the banking systems and processes and therefore had to be managed cautiously while ensuring that costs were right-sized to fit the new users on all sides. At completion of the project, our associate managed to successfully deliver the supplier service separation stream while managing senior programme communication leading to the CIOs of the various entities and avoiding costs of over £6.5m during the course of the programme.

Bank Supplier Contract Separation During a Complex Divestment


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