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What We Offer.

At Procurato, we believe in doing more for our clients than simply sourcing legal services and managing supplier relationships. Our comprehensive legal panel review creates the best possible environment to test the legal services market and introduce competitive forces. Supported by strong expertise in identifying gaps in litigation cost management and operational processes, our capabilities help companies align budgets and service provisions to achieve organisational robustness and protection against future changes

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Typical Issues We See

  • Lack of visibility of spend (read about or SpendQube opportunity)

  • Detailed knowledge of the current market and alternative law firms

  • Deciding on the best commercial models to use

  • Knowing if you are getting value for money in both cost and performance

  • Understanding legal reforms such as CLA changes in the UK and how to optimise these changes​

What We Do

  • Collect your data, analyse it and provide useful insights such as litigation performance, performance of your law firms

  • Using our benchmark data, modelling tools, knowledge, and insight we show how you compare in the market for legal fees, case outcomes and litigation frequency

  • Review your performance against Procurato’s 20 legal tests and look at the appropriateness of each to drive savings and improved performance

  • Identify the opportunities for savings and the resources required to implement those

  • Recommend changes such as how to deal with CLA changes in the UK market

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How We Help Clients

  • Support or lead the execution of legal tenders, supplier evaluation, selection, and contracting

  • Develop a legal dashboard to provide insight on legal spend

  • Develop a governance tool framework for ongoing management

  • Implement a billing software and a billing protocol

  • Savings of 10-12 percent savings

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Analyzing law firm performance data allows firms to

  • make informed decisions,

  • improve operational efficiency,

  • enhance client service, and

  • gain a competitive advantage

in the legal industry by leveraging data-driven insights.

Procurato are experts in legal panel performance for Insurance companies, especially in the medical sector.

We’ve taken the accumulated learnings from some recent assignments and created a set of seven tips to help you to improve your indemnity and legal panel performance, to download a copy click here.

(To find out more about our Health Insurance Services click here)

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